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Buddleja davidii 'Sophie'

buddleja-davidii-sophie_5_979696947Buddleja davidii 'Sophie'Buddleja davidii 'Sophie'buddleja-davidii-sophie_3

Compact selection with continuous flowering
Compact selection with continuous flowering
Ideal in pot for garden, patio or balcony
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‘Sophie' is a new Buddleja with some very strong features. From late April into the deep summer 'Sophie' flowers with beautiful long light-purple flowers on each stem. The flowers have a very delicate scent which attracts many butterflies. When the old flowers are removed 'Sophie' will continue producing new flower clusters.
The growth habit of 'Sophie' is quite unique for a Buddleja. In pot, the plant is about 50 to 60cm tall and up to 50cm wide. The branches hang down from the plant shaping it into a beautiful sphere. In the garden 'Sophie' becomes slightly larger. It will grow 50 to 60cm high and 60 to 80cm wide. The foliage of 'Sophie' is light-green in summer, turning grey in autumn. The plant not only looks very healthy but it is indeed one of its strong properties. With its very long flowering time, compact growth and its sweet appearance 'Sophie' earns a spot in every garden, patio or balcony.

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